Sandy Tipton was one of the first members who joined Torbay Climate Action and has pioneered the re-use of fabrics and materials to prevent these valuable resources from ending up in landfill. The first of the “Bay Made” workshops run by Sandy was teaching people how to make beeswax wraps from locally sourced materials which don’t cost the Earth.

What Next?

Sandy is passionate about teaching residents of the Bay how to re-purpose materials.  She is available to attend community groups and local events to share this knowledge across the Bay.

How you can help

Come and learn how to re-purpose materials you no longer have a use for  - if you are interested in learning these skills then please get in touch at hello@findingabetterway.co.uk



We are concerned citizens who were spurred into action when Torbay Council officially declared a Climate Emergency and so we set up this group to invite everyone across the Bay to join us in making change happen at every level, in households, in communities, in businesses and in public services. We are ordinary people from all walks of life who want to work with Bay residents to make a sustainable, inclusive and healthy Torbay a reality for everyone.  Will you join us?

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