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In October 2019, following the announcement of the closure of the Corbyn Head Hotel, the group successfully came together to run an Open Day which gave charities, community groups and residents of the Bay the opportunity to rehome items which had been in the hotel and were destined for landfill.  257 people attended the open day and there have been ongoing calls for the group to do more of this work.

What Next?
Identifying and contacting pubs, hotels and commercial establishments across the Bay who are refurbishing or redeveloping their premises and working with them to a timely manner to co-ordinate salvage operations to redirect items which would otherwise go to landfill to people who need them.

How you can help
Would you like to be part of a group who co-ordinates their salvage operations?
Would you know any pubs, hotels and commercial establishments who will be refurbishing or redeveloping in the near future who would be willing to work with the group?

Contact Anna on Facebook: Torbay Climate Action or via email:

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