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Carbon Literacy Training 

Torbay Climate Action (that's us) have teamed up with the Carbon Literacy Project to bring residents of Torbay and surrounding areas an official Carbon Literacy course.

With the news full of scary messages about climate change, fossil fuel debate and conflicting political standpoints, how can average citizens (us) take meaningful action to create positive change on a local and global scale? Firstly, let's start at the beginning . . .


By understanding the basic facts about climate change, and how carbon emissions are contributing to this rapid change to our home, we can be better equipped to take positive action together.

Join us for Torbay's very first official Carbon Literacy training course, designed especially for the Torbay community (that's you!)

Find our next training course details below and join us in becoming carbon savvy!


Carbon Literacy Training 

Saturday 18th May 2024 

Saturday 8th June2024


The TCA Hub

4, Clifton Rd,



Click HERE for more details and to book.

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