Torbay Climate Action was formed in July 2019, and since then a number of working groups have formed organically all tackling different areas of sustainability and climate action and they are all relevant to our area.  All these working groups are open to everyone, and anyone can create their own working group under the Torbay Climate Action banner but must be self-managing and responsible for their activities and the people within the group.  

If you'd like to join a group, you will find full details in the gallery below and if you'd like to create a new group or you know someone who might want to, we'd love to hear about it.


We are concerned citizens who were spurred into action when Torbay Council officially declared a Climate Emergency and so we set up this group to invite everyone across the Bay to join us in making change happen at every level, in households, in communities, in businesses and in public services. We are ordinary people from all walks of life who want to work with Bay residents to make a sustainable, inclusive and healthy Torbay a reality for everyone.  Will you join us?

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