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Initiatives in the Bay

Putting climate action at the heart of all we do opens up so many possibilities to resolve some of the issues which we have in the Bay.

For example:


  • Insulating homes and making sure only low energy homes are built means we can meet our zero carbon targets sooner and helps tackle fuel poverty


  • Recycling, reusing, repairing and up cycling stops stuff going to landfill and opens up real opportunities of making money for those who are out of work or in financial hardship


  • Looking at ways to create strong and reliable local food networks to ensure that we have a resilient and abundant supply of locally produced food


  • Helping to set up local social enterprises with flexible working conditions gives people who couldn’t work before an opportunity to contribute their skills and earn a good wage and this will help transform our local economy 


  • Changing our buying habits especially regarding goods which are packaged with single-use plastics or with excessive packaging and moving towards buying locally produced goods will stop stuff going to landfill and create a strong local economy


  • Converting empty properties into social housing will go a long way towards addressing rough sleeping and homelessness and alleviating pressures on health and social services as well as the police

These and many more initiatives are at the heart of what we are doing at Torbay Climate Action either directly or indirectly and the more we can have these conversations and get engaged in the subject, the faster we will see real change happening in the Bay.

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