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This group invites us all to share ideas, experiences and knowledge to help us take individual and collective action towards the world we want to live in. 

Our aim is for every citizen in Torbay to be inspired to be an active participant in their own wellbeing and that of Torbay, ensuring the Bay is sustainable for future generations to enjoy for years to come.


Here are some of the ways we do this:


  • Developing a Torbay circular economy for materials by ensuring materials are reused, repaired and upcycled wherever possible

  • Running Repair Cafes, workshops and events which allow for skill sharing and learning about repair and upcycling techniques

  • Mapping all green spaces and supporting community led gardening projects where we can share resources, information and knowledge to support the wellbeing of our green spaces

  • Supporting local community groups who are working on specific community led initiatives, for example: the 50 year development plan for woodland management by Friends of Grove Woods and the establishment of Friends of Little Blagdon Farm which seeks to save and develop an organic farm for the benefit of the community

  • Working with partners to develop holistic solutions which get to the root of a problem and establishing new ways of living and working which benefit Torbay residents

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