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Finding A Better way . . .

The world is a scary place right now - we have widespread inaction from our leaders and confusing messages in the media. But one thing is for sure, things are changing on our planet, and that means things are changing for us!


TORBAY CLIMATE ACTION CIC is a grassroots purpose-led Community Interest Company formed by a group of passionate and concerned citizens in response to Torbay Council declaring a Climate Emergency in 2019.  We aim to bring together individuals and organisations in Torbay to educate, inspire and create positive action to prepare for the changing climate.

Our goal is to help support and encourage all the work already happening locally, and to inspire further creative developments to help Torbay and its residents adapt to a changing planet.

Our 3 passions:


1 - Creating Climate-Positive Community -  Community engagement events, designed to share knowledge, explore alternative ways of living and consuming and explore community ideas to bring to reality. Examples of our events include repair cafes, swap shops and litter picks.

2 - Carbon Literacy Training - We are bringing a core understanding and knowledge of the issues our whole planet faces to the heart of our community through our newly accredited Carbon Literacy course (in association with the Carbon Literacy Project) and combining it with local understanding and inspiration to create relevant, positive and hopeful engagement across Torbay.

3 - Local Authority Engagement - For lasting change we need our policy-makers and authorities on board! We aim to foster an open and frank relationship with Torbay Local Authority and political representatives, to ensure citizens' voices are heard. We welcome those who are ready to bring about genuine positive change, for people & planet, to the Bay.


These goals of a better future start with our own team. We are a welcoming and inspired small group of local residents, from various social and professional backgrounds. Come say hello on our socials or in person; we're never far away, usually scheming over coffee and cake, chatting to fellow Bay locals or down on the beach!

We are on the lookout for people to join in and create a Torbay that is a leading example in climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience, are you in?

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